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#SAVETHENIGHT is the global platform carrying all of Jägermeister’s initiatives in pursuit of positive change in nightlife. Each year, the brand dedicates funding and resources to making nightlife better in collaboration with grass-roots talent and communities. #SAVETHENIGHT is all about creating, funding and promoting initiatives that make nightlife more ACCESSIBLE, INCLUSIVE, SAFE and SUSTAINABLE. The huge interest in last year’s fund, in successful collaboration with Tresor Berlin and our six panel members, proofed that the best ideas are born at night and that innovation thrives when resources and Freiraum are made available to the most creative minds after dark. We funded and created three projects in Berlin, London and Nairobi and all of this together paved the way for another round of fundings. With great joy we can tell that we will partner-up with London based, but globally known and recognised nightclub and label, Fabric. To us one of the most solid and advanced nightclubs around, which had its challenges and struggles before but overcame these with creativity, patience and pride. Jägermeister and Fabric are calling all nightlife creators to share their ideas and apply for our fund: a total of 100.000 euros will be awarded to one or more truly original ideas that help make nightlife a better place.


In your application you should focus on the following question:

How can we contribute to making nightlife better for you and your community?

We can’t wait to see your ideas come in! A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Please make sure your concept has a clear link to nightlife.
  • Think about how it would actually benefit your local nightlife community.
  • The budget for your project should be between 10.000 and 100.000 euros.


Everyone from 21 years and above, from all over the world, can apply for our fund via our form below. The deadline for applying is

NOVEMBER 30TH, 2023, 23:59 CET

To steer you in the right direction, we encourage you to centralize your concept around the question:
How can we contribute to making nightlife more accessible, inclusive, safe and/or sustainable for you and your community?

Please keep in mind, that:

  • Your concept has a clear link to nightlife
  • Your concept adds value to your local nightlife community
  • Your concept is feasible and its scope is enforceable by you and/or your team (please find what we do for you below)
  • Your concept should come to life in 2024
  • The full project budget is between 10.000 and 75.000 euros


#The Global Brand Marketing team of Jägermeister reads and reviews all incoming applications, any occurring questions or concerns will be shared with the applying individual/collective.

The ones that are creative and propulsive and fitting #SAVETHENIGHT’s mission will be checked on feasibility and if so, those are the ones being judged by our independent panellists.

All applications that tick these boxes and seem feasible, will be carefully reviewed by our panel of independent nightlife experts.

They will decide who gets awarded with funding and thus which ideas will be brought to life in 2024.

The winners will be contacted by Jägermeister before the 3rd and 17th of January 2024, and celebrated on our channels in January in 2024!

What you do for us

What happens if your idea gets funded and executed:

You will start an official collaboration with the Jägermeister team, meaning that together you will oversee and manage the execution of your idea within agreed timings and budget

In February 2024 there will be a (digital) mentorship with our panel, in which we will polish your idea with the experience and knowledge of our nightlife Lumineers.

Your idea will always be your idea and become your project, in consultation we will find the right communication fit to ensure ourselves that the audience understands it’s an effort within the #SAVETHENIGHT environment and thus supports our pursuit of positive change in nightlife

Part of the agreement of funding is that you agree not to work with any other alcohol brands for the duration of the project and you will be available for press related matters and further content production

Everything related to the execution of your idea, should come from the assigned funding – meaning all ideation, production and promotional costs and matters like advertising, bookings and so on, too.

We expect a maximum of 2 monthly meetings with you and the Jägermeister team as soon as your idea heads into ideation phase (February 2024 and onwards), and we estimate a total of 3 portrait shoots as part of the winners announcement and execution phase (January 2024 and onwards)


We will commit to:

Supporting you with a budget up to 100.000,- euros to execute your idea

A digital mentorship session with our panel members

Promoting your project on local and global brand channels and noticing your project on our partners’ channels

Providing marketing and production support and mentorship via our marketing team



  • September 1st – November 30th: Application phase
  • November 30th – December 1st: Reviewing phase
  • December 1st – December 15th: Panel consultation


  • January 3rd – January 17th: Approaching winners
  • January 17th – January 31st: Winners announcement
  • February: Digital Mentorship session with panel members
  • February: Planning project ideation, drafting further 2024 timeline

In case you need any inspiration or want to know more about what challenges nightlife faces at the moment, take a look at the topline report here

Any questions

Do you have any questions? Please send us an e-mail at:


You are about to submit your idea to the 2023 #SAVETHENIGHT Fund. We kindly ask you to read all previous information, including our terms and conditions which can be found HERE and encourage you to have a look at last year’s winning projects HERE, to get inspired and for you to make most out of your application.

Should you still have any questions, please reach out via and we’ll try to support you the best we can!

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